This 11-Point WordPress Security Checklist will boost your
Within the next few hours you could secure your WordPress site to a level that many would-be hackers won’t even attempt to infiltrate your site.
  • Discover to default setting on many backup plugins that can leave your site open to malware infection...and how to fix this loop hole
  • Learn which WordPress files should not be on your server and why leaving them there can give hackers easy access to your site
  • Many sites are vulnerable to directory browsing caused by incorrect server settings...this allows hackers to see exactly which plugins and themes you’re using and discover vulnerabilities in those files...learn how to stop this
  • By default, the WordPress login page can provide a hacker with a lot of information and since brute force login attacks are among the most common you need to secure the login 3 different ways to protect your login page...yes, you can apply all three simultaneously
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"Every year, hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites are hacked. Most of those hacks could have been prevented with some basic WordPress security. Download this WP Security Checklist and protect your just plain works!"

Bjorn, Founder, WPLearningLab
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